Student book

Hi, class. We’ve talked about the student book at class. This will be your theory book. Remember, your student book is your study tool, not mine. So do it in the best possible way for you to study: the cooler it is, the best.


Unit 1: The elements of art.

Look for 6 elements (in a book, in the web, ask a friend…) and draw an example.  Name + example: no definitions needed. You’ll find tons of information in Google – images.

Unit 2: Type of lines

Look for six type of lines. Write the name and draw an example. No definitions needed.

Unit 3: basic geometric constructions

Draw this basic geometric constructions in a white paper and stick it in your student book, OK?

1. Bisect a line. Take a look here.

2. Draw a perpendicular  to a point on a line. Take a look here.

3. Draw a perpendicular to a point not on a line. Take a look here.

4. Perpendicular to a end point of a line. Take a look here.

5. Bisect an angle. take a look here.

6. Draw five parallel lines using the sliding triangle. Take a look here.

7. Draw a parallel line through a point. Take a look here.

Unit 4: Regular polygons inscribed in a circle.

1. Elements of a circumference (five elements)

2. Inscribed regular polygons in a circle

Equilateral triangle







Unit 6: Centres of the triangle.

Draw the incircle of a triangle.

Find the orthocenter of a triangle.

Find the centroid of a triangle.

Draw the circumcircle of a triangle.

You can look for it in youtube too.


Unit 7: Oval, ovoids

Draw an oval from the minor axis. Take a look here.

Unit 8: Colors

Draw the primary colors.

Draw the secondary colors.

Draw a gradient detween two colors.

Draw a tint.

Draw a shade.


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