Street art

Here are your street art designs. The main part here is the positive-negative thing. Some of you have worked more likely with lines than with shapes, but you’ve made a good work too.

1A_EJ10-1 1A_EJ10-1B 1A_EJ10-101A_EJ10-10B1A_EJ10-111A_EJ10-11B1A_EJ10-2 1A_EJ10-2B 1A_EJ10-3 1A_EJ10-3B 1A_EJ10-4 1A_EJ10-4B 1A_EJ10-5 1A_EJ10-5B 1A_EJ10-6 1A_EJ10-6B 1A_EJ10-7 1A_EJ10-7B 1A_EJ10-8 1A_EJ10-8B 1A_EJ10-9 1A_EJ10-9B1B_EJ11-01 1B_EJ11-01B 1B_EJ11-02 1B_EJ11-02B 1B_EJ11-04 1B_EJ11-04B 1B_EJ11-05 1B_EJ11-05B 1B_EJ11-06 1B_EJ11-06B 1B_EJ11-07 1B_EJ11-07B 1B_EJ11-08 1B_EJ11-08B 1B_EJ11-09 1B_EJ11-09B 1B_EJ11-10 1B_EJ11-10B 1B_EJ11-11 1B_EJ11-11B 1B_EJ11-12 1B_EJ11-12B 1B_EJ11-13 1B_EJ11-13B1C_EJ10-1 1C_EJ10-1B 1C_EJ10-2 1C_EJ10-2B 1C_EJ10-3 1C_EJ10-3B 1C_EJ10-4 1C_EJ10-4B 1C_EJ10-5 1C_EJ10-5B 1C_EJ10-6 1C_EJ10-6B 1C_EJ10-7 1C_EJ10-7B 1C_EJ10-8 1C_EJ10-8B 1C_EJ10-9 1C_EJ10-9B

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