You’ve portrayed your classmates using two elements of art: lines and color. We’ve explained at class some tricks about how Simpson characters are designed but at the end this is what really counts: does it really looks like a Simpson character?. As ever I’ll appreciate a clean inking and a accurate coloring.


1A_EJ4-9 1A_EJ4-8 1A_EJ4-7 1A_EJ4-6 1A_EJ4-5 1A_EJ4-4 1A_EJ4-3 1A_EJ4-2 1A_EJ4-1 1B_EJ4-1 1B_EJ4-2 1B_EJ4-3 1B_EJ4-4 1B_EJ4-5 1B_EJ4-6 1B_EJ4-7 1B_EJ4-8 1B_EJ4-9 1C_EJ4-1 1C_EJ4-2 1C_EJ4-3 1C_EJ4-4 1C_EJ4-5 1C_EJ4-7

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