You’ve illustrated a text so let’s see how pictures accommodate to text. You’ve used parallel lines to do guides so you can write straight. And finally, you’ve used textures of lines show different values of black. Lot of things you made 😉


1A_EJ11-01 1A_EJ11-02 1A_EJ11-03 1A_EJ11-04 1A_EJ11-05 1A_EJ11-06 1A_EJ11-07 1A_EJ11-08 1A_EJ11-09 1A_EJ11-10 1A_EJ11-11 1A_EJ11-12 1B_EJ12-01 1B_EJ12-02 1B_EJ12-03 1B_EJ12-04 1B_EJ12-05 1B_EJ12-06 1B_EJ12-07 1B_EJ12-08 1B_EJ12-09 1B_EJ12-10 1C_EJ11-1 1C_EJ11-2 1C_EJ11-3 1C_EJ11-4 1C_EJ11-5 1C_EJ11-6

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