Hand tatooes

Hi class. We’ve been working  shapes this week. I’ve appreciated how do you combine black and white shapes. This is what we call,» positive – positive» shapes. Some of you have used lines mainly. But lines are not shapes unless you do them thick. Remember: a shape is something you can color.


1A_EJ8-1 1A_EJ8-2 1A_EJ8-3 1A_EJ8-4 1A_EJ8-5 1A_EJ8-6 1A_EJ8-7 1A_EJ8-8 1A_EJ8-9 1A_EJ8-10 1A_EJ8-11 1A_EJ8-12 1A_EJ8-13 1B_EJ9-1 1B_EJ9-2 1B_EJ9-3 1B_EJ9-4 1B_EJ9-5 1B_EJ9-6 1B_EJ9-7 1B_EJ9-8 1B_EJ9-9 1B_EJ9-10 1B_EJ9-11 1B_EJ9-12 1C_EJ8-1 1C_EJ8-2 1C_EJ8-3 1C_EJ8-4 1C_EJ8-5 1C_EJ8-6 1C_EJ8-7 1C_EJ8-8 1C_EJ8-9 1C_EJ8-10

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