Here are your cool earrings. Remember that you are mixing two or three ideas into a single one. That’s the important thing in design: a single strong idea. If we have two separated ideas into a single object it doesn’t work.

1A_EJ9-1 1A_EJ9-2 1A_EJ9-3 1A_EJ9-4 1A_EJ9-5 1A_EJ9-6 1A_EJ9-7 1A_EJ9-8 1A_EJ9-9 1B_EJ10-01 1B_EJ10-02 1B_EJ10-03 1B_EJ10-04 1B_EJ10-05 1B_EJ10-06 1B_EJ10-07 1B_EJ10-08 1B_EJ10-09 1B_EJ10-10 1B_EJ10-11 1C_EJ9-1 1C_EJ9-2 1C_EJ9-3 1C_EJ9-4 1C_EJ9-5 1C_EJ9-6 1C_EJ9-7 1C_EJ9-8 1C_EJ9-9 1C_EJ9-10 1C_EJ9-11 1C_EJ9-12

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