Here are your maps. You’ve designed cool icons and you’ve scattered them  over this fantasy country. But note that they are tinny drawings so you have to make them clear and visible somehow. That’s what I’ve appreciated.

1A_EJ12-01 1A_EJ12-02 1A_EJ12-03 1A_EJ12-04 1A_EJ12-05 1A_EJ12-07 1A_EJ12-08 1A_EJ12-09 1A_EJ12-10 1A_EJ12-JD00 1A_EJ12-JD01 1A_EJ12-JD021B_EJ13-1 1B_EJ13-2 1B_EJ13-3 1B_EJ13-4 1B_EJ13-5 1B_EJ13-6 1B_EJ13-7 1B_EJ13-8 1B_EJ13-9 1B_EJ13-JD00 1B_EJ13-JD01 1B_EJ13-JD021C_EJ12-1 1C_EJ12-2 1C_EJ12-3 1C_EJ12-4 1C_EJ12-5 1C_EJ12-6 1C_EJ12-7 1C_EJ12-8 1C_EJ12-9 1C_EJ12-JD00 1C_EJ12-JD01 1C_EJ12-JD02

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